Product: Nautiz X4

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Battery usage statistics

Android Kiosk Mode

Create a bootable SD card

Li-ion battery care guide

Android Kiosk Browser

No access to the URL bar in the Android Web Browser

WMDC fails to launch after Update 1703 or 1709

Wi-Fi roaming issues in WEH

Android OS for NAUTIZ X4

Install Android Development Drivers (ADB)

Windows OS for NAUTIZ X4

Setting up 2G/3G connection on Windows Mobile/WEH

Wi-Fi setup manual for NAUTIZ X4 and NAUTIZ X8

Android SDK for NAUTIZ X4

Alternative On-screen Keyboards for Windows Mobile

Android to WEH on NAUTIZ X4

Homescreen plugin for Windows handhelds

NAUTIZ X4 goes black and is not possible to turn on or restart

WEH to Android on NAUTIZ X4

Windows Mobile SDK for NAUTIZ X4

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