Android OS for NAUTIZ X4


  1. Download the OS from below.
  2. Extract the files onto a microSD card.
  3. Insert the microSD card into the device.
  4. Turn on the device and go to Settings > About phone > System Update and start the update.

Release notes

  • 84.07 – 10th October 2016
    – Added Backup & restore feature
    – Added support for VPN with L2TP
    – Added CRDA functionality
    – Removed CR related values from ScanSetting
    – Fixed POWER key not working problem on Function(BLUE) mode
    – Fixed scanner related bugs
    – Changed the “Turn on keyboard backlight” option to “Keyboard backlight”
    – Fixed wakeup problem after changing a battery
    – Fixed a problem where the system was going to suspend mode by opening the battery cover while connecting an external power
    – Fixed the numeric keys sometimes not working on first input after reboot
  • 84.06C1 – 26th February 2016
    – Fixed a problem with VPN connections
    – Fixed a problem with mobile internet connection over PPP
    – Fixed a problem with wakup from suspend after AC was disconnected
    – Fixed a problem with scanner beep, decode count and continuous scanning

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