Windows OS for NAUTIZ X4

Follow the steps below to download and install Windows OS for Nautiz X4.

  1. Download the OS file of your choice on the bottom of this page.
  2. Extract the zip file on your PC.
  3. Copy the PFU file on your Nautiz X4 into the root folder of the internal storage.
    weh screenshot
  4. Open File Explorer on Nautiz X4, navigate to the root folder and click the PFU file to start the update.
  5. Read and confirm upcoming messages.

Release note

  • 62.10C2 – 5th April 2016
    – Fixed a problem where sometimes the U-Blox doesn’t detect or works.
    – Fixed a problem where the status of the Backup battery was displayed wrong when fully discharged.
    – Fixed a problem with scanning over RDP issue on the 1D unit.
    – Added function to obtain the configurable length range for each symbology.
  • 62.10 – 19th February 2016
    – Applied AKU
    – Fixed a bug where the device doesn’t wake up via Front scan key with the OTG cable connected.
    – Fix a problem where the USB memory wasn’t recognized when detected in suspend mode.
    – Fix a problem where the input mode icon was mismatched with a real mode.
    – Set the default Wi-Fi power mode to max power.
    – Fixed a problem where using Bluetooth would interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.
    – Added option for AIM ID’s Letter and Modifier as a prefix in Scanner Settings (Wedge-Tab).
    – Fixed a problem where the eTicket Pro II RFID reader would not work under certain circumstances.
    – Fixed a problem where the eTicket Pro II RFID reader would lose power in suspend mode.
    – Allow disabling unattended state wakeup by the keyboard.
    – Fixed a problem where the barcode terminator did not trigger a KeyUp-Event.

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