Product: Algiz 10X V3

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Disable TPM on ALGIZ 10X V3

Using Windows Location API for GPS

Enable CPU boost on ALGIZ 8X and ALGIZ 10X

Simulate CTRL + ALT + DEL on your ALGIZ device


Battery usage statistics

Windows 7 OS for ALGIZ 10X V3

ALGIZ Software Development Kit (SDK)

Windows 10 OS for ALGIZ 10X V3

Install BIOS on ALGIZ 10X V3

How to find your Handheld OS version on ALGIZ tablets

Li-ion battery care guide

Change touch mode during boot on ALGIZ 10X V3

GPS – Using virtual COM port in .NET framework

Drivers for ALGIZ 10X V3 with Windows 10

Device boots into the EFI shell

Enable or disable NMEA datasets in u-blox GPS module

Windows 10 license activation issue with Update 1709

Touch – Firmware update T11 for ALGIZ 10X V3

CDC driver for u-blox GPS

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