The ultra-rugged Android phablet

Functionality of a rugged tablet

Mobility of a rugged handheld

If you could take the high-visibility functionality of a tablet and the go-anywhere performance of a rugged handheld and combine them, you’d end up with one device that could take you through your workday with ease. Fortunately for you, this state-of-the-art solution already exists: it’s the Nautiz X6 ultra-rugged Android phablet.

Small profile

Big impact

The Nautiz X6 brings the best of a conventional tablet and a traditional rugged handheld in a single device. It has the large-screen functionality of a tablet, with the work-anywhere ruggedness of a handheld. Enjoy an expansive 6-inch touchscreen display that’s sunlight-readable and protected by super-hardened Gorilla Glass. And this winning combination is still lightweight and super slim, making it a perfect rugged phablet to easily bring anywhere.

Real-world capabilities

In the rugged world

The Nautiz X6 ultra-rugged Android phablet is ideal for rough-and-tumble applications like surveying and GIS, with a superior GNSS receiver for precise, continually available position and time information. In the warehouse, read NFC tags, or use one-button scanning to track virtually anything. The high-res rear/front cameras capture detailed images, and an array of sensors carry the load for a multitude of tasks. The Nautiz X6 fits perfectly in your mobile workforce — whether you are in utilities, foodservice, field service, GIS, warehousing, or logistics.

Designed specifically

For outdoor work

The ultra-rugged Nautiz X6 meets a wide range of the MIL-STD-810G test standards for operating in extreme temperatures, handling drops, vibrations, humidity and altitude. An IP67 rating means it is fully dust- and waterproof. And it’s got serious staying power; the robust user-replaceable battery can work even multiple shifts on a single charge.

Built to withstand

Any tough environment

Android 11 and

Android Enterprise Recommended

The Nautiz X6 runs on Android 11 which brings important security and battery benefits. Nautiz X6 is also Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) and comes with Handheld’s MaxGo software for smooth deployments over large enterprises. Just like all Handheld rugged computers, the Nautiz X6 is an amazingly versatile communication tool. Choose from a broad spectrum of communication technologies, including WLAN, cellular (WWAN), BT and NFC. Workers can connect to each other or the back office, sending, accessing and sharing data and reports seamlessly throughout the workday.

Rugged accessories

For efficiency

With a long list of options and accessories, you can configure the Nautiz X6 for your specific field work needs. Add a 2D imager or accessories like vehicle docks, pole mounts, stylus pens and more to customize your rugged Android phablet to get the job done easier, faster and more efficiently.

Sub-meter GNSS accuracy

With the RTK Expansion

The Nautiz X6 RTK Expansion helps increase the accuracy of GNSS positions by using a fixed base station that provides real-time corrections to a moving receiver resulting in centimeter-level accuracy. A perfect option for outdoor users who require full mobility and accurate positioning.

Your challenge is

Our driving force

Our rugged computers are built — inside and out — to be rugged,  and if you need an innovative product for a specific need, we will work with your team, analyze your specific requirements and potential solutions, and build the right tool for the job.


Our devices are built to withstand repeated drops, extreme temperatures, altitudes, and humidity.


All our rugged computers has an ingress protection of IP65 or higher for protection against water and dust exposure.


The ultra-rugged Android phablet

8-core Qualcomm processor

With 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage

Android Enterprise Recommended

Elevated enterprise requirements validated by Google

8000 mAh battery

Work multiple shift on a single charge

Sub-meter GNSS positioning

With the RTK Expansion

6″ display

Functionality of a tablet in a compact format

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