Customizations of Rugged Computers

In addition to our off-the-shelf solutions, we offer options for customized versions of our products, or even custom-built devices for your specific requirements.




We accelerate your innovation

Your challenge is our driving force

If you need an innovative product for a specific need, we will work with your team, analyze your specific requirements and potential solutions, and build the right tool for the job.


Designed for your needs

To ensure our customers can use our devices for maximum efficiency, each Handheld rugged computer comes with an extensive accessory ecosystem. But we have the resources to develop a new accessory if you need something special.

Small enough to listen

Big enough to deliver

Each day, one of the world’s largest package delivery companies manages the flow of more than 15 million packages to nearly every country around the globe. Recently, the company deployed the custom-developed Handheld SP500X Imprinter — the first and only scan-and-print solution to integrate 2D imaging, inkjet printing, and wireless communication in one device — to more than 100 sorting facilities across the U.S.

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Customizations of

Product features

We are able to customize product features such as the keypad, ports and connections, battery, scanners, and more.

Your branding

Colors and scheme

All our rugged handhelds come in a standard light-gray case color. But if you have a specific color requirement, we’re able to color-match our plastics to a specific Pantone color or physical sample.

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To get started on your customization

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