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3/12/2018 :

Handheld CEO World Tour 2018

This Spring, Handheld CEO Jerker Hellstrom will go on a world tour visiting several resellers and customers within loads of market verticals.

1/29/2018 : Press release

Handheld announces CAN bus module for ALGIZ 8X rugged tablet

Handheld today announced a CAN bus expansion module accessory for its ALGIZ 8X ultra-rugged tablet. The module allows the ALGIZ 8X to communicate directly with machines and appliances using the CAN bus communication protocol.
1/10/2018 : Press release

Handheld släpper ny Android-enhet

Handheld lanserar i dag den nya NAUTIZ X9: en ultrastryktålig handdator för mobila användare, med arbete i krävande utomhus- eller industrimiljöer.
11/8/2017 : Press release

Handheld Group appoints Myra Long as Director of Development

Handheld today announced that Myra Long has been promoted to Director of Development. As Director of Development, Long is responsible for managing new product development, integrating improvements for existing products, and verifying build-processes. She is based in St. Petersburg, Fla., USA.
10/24/2017 : Press release

Nya supply-chain tillbehör för Handhelds stryktåliga Android handdator NAUTIZ X2

Handheld lanserar i dag ett pistolgrip-tillbehör med möjlighet till UHF RFID-läsare för sin ruggade Android handdator Nautiz X2. Produkten kan med fördel användas som en del i en mobil lager- och logistiklösning.
10/19/2017 :

Handheld US appoints two new sales managers to support North American resellers

Handheld today announced that its North American subsidiary, Handheld US, has hired two new regional sales managers to support Handheld resellers in the western and central U.S. and Canada.
10/12/2017 : Press release

Handheld US appoints new President and CEO

Handheld Group today announced the appointment of a new President and CEO for its North American subsidiary, Handheld US. Jim Rimay has served as Vice President of Sales for Handheld US since April 2015.
9/7/2017 : Press release

Handheld launches blog at ruggedinformer.com

Handheld today announced the launch of its new blog, Ruggedinformer.com.
It will be a resource to learn more about rugged computers and stay informed about mobility news and emerging rugged technologies.

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