Handheld customer survey shows high customer satisfaction in multiple areas

Press release
20 March 2024

[Lidköping, Sweden, March 20, 2024.] Handheld Group, a Swedish manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, announces the results of a customer survey where the company’s website, help with the order process, and response time from service and support were among the standout areas.

Handheld prioritizes delivering the highest customer service possible for its wide range of rugged computers. A recent survey done with Handheld Partners included key highlights such as:

  • 100% of the participants rated the help received to address order questions as good or excellent.
  • 98% of the participants rated the response time when contacting the service and support department as good or excellent.
  • 98% of the participants rated the Handheld website as good or excellent.
  • 96% of the participants rated the item availability of products as good or excellent.

“We always work hard on improving our web services for our users and strongly rely on data-driven insights and dynamic A/B-tests to resolve the very best user experience. And we are very happy with the results coming out of this user survey, which indicates that we’re actually on the right path here. But we won’t stop there! We will continuously keep improving our communications in our external channels. And the type of feedback that we get from these types of surveys is something that we always value very highly and take into account when we evaluate the next steps in improving, in this case, our website.” says Daniel Gren, Director of Marketing, MilDef.

Therese Olofsson, Order Coordinator, Handheld Group adds: “It’s great to see that our partners really appreciate all the hard work we put in on a daily basis to help their needs. We aim to keep providing the best service possible when it comes to orders and deliveries moving forward too.” 

About Handheld

Handheld Group is a manufacturer and global supplier of rugged mobile computers, handhelds and tablets. Handheld and partners worldwide deliver mobility solutions to businesses within geomatics, logistics, forestry, public transportation, utilities, construction, maintenance, mining, military and security. Handheld Group, part of MilDef, is headquartered in Sweden with subsidiaries in the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, and the USA.

Media Contact

Daniel Gren
Director of Marketing
+46 510 54 71 70

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