Today’s field service technicians can handle complex tasks such as navigation, barcode scanning, data collection, and communication directly from a single rugged mobile device.

Modern, all-in-one rugged computers are sturdy enough to take anywhere and powerful enough to manage industry software programs and large amounts of data, allowing field service representatives to easily check and schedule service orders, communicate with coworkers and clients, navigate to job sites, and send and receive real-time status updates.

Large, sunlight-readable displays and rugged specifications make ultra-rugged PDAs and tablets ideal computers for field service, whether docked in a vehicle, mounted in a holster or carried in your hand. These handhelds can survive repeated drops, strong vibrations, extreme temperatures, and dust and water exposure, and their batteries last all day so your work can go on uninterrupted.

Enter data with finger taps and gestures, physical keypads, a built-in camera or a barcode scanner to easily store information about an appointment or site visit. You won’t have to re-enter this data later — just sync it to your office server over the cloud, and your coworkers and supervisors will have access to it immediately. Thanks to built-in GPS, you can also send real-time location information or identify optimal service routes, saving time and fuel costs.

Field service techs are using handheld PDAs and tablets in many ways:

Public utilities
Water, electric, natural gas and sanitation utilities manage huge amounts of information related to employees, customers and regulations. Field service technicians are tasked with scheduling and providing services and repairs in a timely, efficient manner. Rugged handheld devices help utility workers save time, maximize productivity and resources, and track data for regulatory requirements without added labor.

Customer stories

Utility field service: Outdoor-ready, versatile handhelds streamline the work process for utilities

Stormwater site inspection: Handheld computers achieve greater efficiency for a stormwater inspection program.

Electric meter reading: Upgrading old electricity meters to smart technology for meter reading

Waste management:Rugged handhelds enable success in a new residential recycling program

Maintenance and repair
Handheld computers allow maintenance and repair providers to easily and accurately track inventory, manage fieldwork, monitor vehicles and send and receive order status updates. These versatile devices help conserve valuable resources while improving productivity.

Customer stories

Testing remote energy systems:ALGIZ 7 helps bring electricity to healthcare facilities in developing countries

Predictive maintenance: Predictive maintenance made safer and more affordable with rugged tablets

Outdoor work requires true ruggedness, and ultra-rugged PDAs and tablets deliver reliability and efficiency in any challenging environment. Telecom service techs can mount devices in their vehicles or carry them in hand to navigate to work sites, track work orders, enter data and communicate job status.

Customer story

Telecom data collection: GIS professionals use NAUTIZ X8 to collect data for telecom companies

Handheld computers help heating and cooling technicians manage work orders, keep track of parts, communicate with customers and supervisors, record digital signatures when work is finished, and even print invoices on site. Reliable rugged devices can perform data collection and communication tasks in a variety of environments — from outdoors to crawlspaces and attics.

Handheld rugged computers for field service
Ultra-rugged tablets and PDAs assist field technicians and engineers with a wide variety of tasks — including scheduling, inventory management, data collection, invoicing and communication — thanks to powerful computing and reliable, sturdy construction.

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