Windows OS for NAUTIZ X4 Release notes

These are the release notes for the Windows OS for Nautiz X4 article.
  • 62.10C2 – 5th April 2016
    – Fixed a problem where sometimes the U-Blox doesn’t detect or works.
    – Fixed a problem where the status of the Backup battery was displayed wrong when fully discharged.
    – Fixed a problem with scanning over RDP issue on the 1D unit.
    – Added function to obtain the configurable length range for each symbology.
  • 62.10 – 19th February 2016
    – Applied AKU
    – Fixed a bug where the device doesn’t wake up via Front scan key with the OTG cable connected.
    – Fix a problem where the USB memory wasn’t recognized when detected in suspend mode.
    – Fix a problem where the input mode icon was mismatched with a real mode.
    – Set the default Wi-Fi power mode to max power.
    – Fixed a problem where using Bluetooth would interfere with the Wi-Fi signal.
    – Added option for AIM ID’s Letter and Modifier as a prefix in Scanner Settings (Wedge-Tab).
    – Fixed a problem where the eTicket Pro II RFID reader would not work under certain circumstances.
    – Fixed a problem where the eTicket Pro II RFID reader would lose power in suspend mode.
    – Allow disabling unattended state wakeup by the keyboard.
    – Fixed a problem where the barcode terminator did not trigger a KeyUp-Event.
  • 62.09 – 13th October 2015
    – Fix a problem that the proximity sensor doesn’t work when it was enabled in call mode.
    – NX4 WEH: RFID reader doesn’t work after changing its baud rate to 460200.
    – Erase Verizon/CDMA activation from the device.
    – Fixed a bug that the USB2Serial interface doesn’t work.
    – PWC: Add “time select” item in the Roaming interval setting.
    – PWC: Fixed a bug that prevents the auto suspend function to work exactly.
  • 62.07 – 8th August 2015
    – Add Audio Gain Control applet in the settings.
    – Fix a problem that the phone module is turned off abnormally due to an abnormal signal of the USB data line.
    – Fix a bug that the touch is enabled after resume although the touch is disabled by user application.
    – Fix a bug that the scanner beam is emitted when you press the SCAN button during sleep.
    – PWC: Add EAP TTLS-PAP authenticate method.
    – PWC: Remove “Supported Band” item in the setting since this item is meaningless.
    – PWC: Add “Tx Power” and “Prevent Auto Suspend” setting.
  • 62.06C1 (Release candidate) – 20th July 2015
    – WiFi: Fixed issue that it doesn’t connect to different SSID if the current is lost.
    – Removed keycode hex 153 as Suffix from Scanner driver.
    – Improve the performance of GPS multiplexer.
    – WiFi – Remove “Standby” item from CCX Enable in the settings.
    – WiFi: Add “Supported Band” item in the settings.
    – WiFi: Fix an issue that it takes a long time to reconnect after resume.
    – Scanner settings: Add “Tab & CRLF” item in the Terminator.
  • 62.05C1 (Release candidate) – 23rd April 2015
    – WEH: PWC crashes when connecting to SSID with more than 28 characters.
    – Fix the issue that the welcome wizard isn’t completed intermittently during factory reset on 62.05 version.
    – EBOOT : Add a menu item to format “Application” storage.
    – RIL : Fix the issue that the phone module cannot be reset in abnormal case.
    – Camera : Improve the quality of captured image under low light.
    – N5603 scanner : Add a multi-decode function.
    – Scan Settings: Add a “Options” tab for scanner specific settings.
  • 62.05 – 3rd April 2015
    – Scanner (Decode) SDK: Get binary data of the barcode.
    – Scanner Settings: Advanced settings for string modification.
    – Adding application keys in “ProgramButtons”.
    – Changed uBlox default navigation mode.
    – uBlox is now powered on atomically when COM1 is opened.
    – Add Wi-Fi auto-calibration function.
    – Improved Wi-Fi roaming function.
    – Improved Wi-Fi AP auto-connect.
    – Fix some bugs of scan settings.
    – Fix bugs of virtual key.
    – Change camera shutter sound.
    – Fix a bug that RIL driver fails to get IMEI information.
    – Fixed file synchronization with WMDC.
    – Add persistent storage (\Application partition, 60MB).
    – Increase microphone gain during phone calls.
    – Resolve Wi-Fi roaming issue that RDP connection is dropped intermittently.
    – PWC: Add a function for a specific certificate.
    – PWC: Add export/import function for EAP(WPA, 802.1x, CCKM).
    – Camera: Improve shutter sound synchronization on “Focus on trigger” mode.
  • 62.02 – 20th July 2014
    – Fixed issue when scanning Aztec barcodes.
    – Updated Wi-Fi supplicant (4.3.0906 -> 4.3.0907).
    – Fixed an issue that the terminal can’t go in suspend mode while it connects to AP with an invalid key.
    – Improved the performance of Wi-Fi roaming.
    – Fixed a bug that some Wi-Fi parameters are deleted in the PWC settings.
    – Fixed a problem that the green LED blinks when the main battery is inserted on the full power-off mode.
    – Fixed an issue that it can’t access SD card filesystem intermittently.
    – Fixed an issue that it can’t connect incoming call during BT searching or pairing.
    – Improved the MIC gain.
    – Changed the default IP address of BT PAN network to
    – Fixed a hang-up issue by repeated keystroke on booting.
    – Optimized the proximity sensor level.
    – Improved RFID auto-detect function on the bootloader.
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