Windows 7 OS for ALGIZ 10X V2

This Windows 7 operating system (OS) is for Algiz 10X V2 only.

If you don’t already have a license for Windows 7, you will need to purchase a license before download and installation of the Windows 7 Operating System. Please contact your sales representative.


Click on the download link on the bottom of this page to get the latest Windows 7 image for your Algiz 10X V2.

If you go from Windows 8 or Windows 10 to Windows 7, you will also need to do some changes in the BIOS (see this article). See this article on how to install Windows 7.

OS Revisions

  • 95Z0000002FA – November 2018
    – Added driver for new WiFi-module “AzureWave AW-CB161H”
    – New HotTab version A40.2.29
    – Updated driver ubloxGnss_sensorDeviceDriver from v2.0.0.5 to v2.40
    – Updated driver ubloxGnss_vcpDeviceDriver from v2.0.0.4 to v3.10
    – Updated u-center from v8.25 to v18.05.02
    – Updated Sierra Wireless Mobile Broadband Driver Package from v6.34.4728.0002 to v8.8.4773.0004
    – Updated Skylight from v6.0.4130.7803 to v6.0.4686.7802
    – Updated WiFi driver Intel AC3160 Wireless from v17.13.11 to v20.70.0
    – Updated Bluetooth driver Intel AC3160 from v17.1.1409 to v20.60.0
  • 95Z00000024F – January 2018
    – English, Swedish, German and Spanish language pack included in OS image.
    – Latest Windows updates.
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