Connect QGIS to u-blox GPS

To successfully connect the u-blox GPS module in QGIS software, the following must be performed once.

Make sure that the CDC driver for u-blox GPS is already installed:

For CDC driver, see this article.
  1. Open u-center.
  2. Connect to GPS module (default port is COM3, baudrate 9600).
  3. Go to View > Configuration View.
  4. Click NMEA (NMEA Protocol) on the left side list.
  5. Set Numbering used for SVs not supported by NMEA to 0 – Strict (not output), Main Talker ID to 1 – GP (GPS) and GSV Talker ID to 1 – Use main Talker ID.
  6. Click the Send button in the lower-left corner.
  7. Click PRT (Ports) on the left side list.
    Set Protocol out to 1 – NMEA
  8. Click the Send button in the lower-left corner.
  9. Switch to CFG (configuration) tab on the left side list and select Save current configuration. At Devices: select all 4 list entries. (To select all entries, tap and hold the pen/mouse on the first entry and move down to the last entry. Release pen/mouse). Then click the Send button in the lower-left corner.
  10. Click Receiver > Action > Save Config.
  11. Close u-center.
  12. Open QGIS. Open GPS Information panel. Select Serial device and then choose the u-blox Module. (default is COM3:).
    It may not connect the first time. So try a few times using the Connect button.

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