Android OS for NAUTIZ X4 Release notes

These are the release notes for the Android OS for Nautiz X4 article.
  • 84.07 – 10th October 2016
    – Added Backup & restore feature
    – Added support for VPN with L2TP
    – Added CRDA functionality
    – Removed CR related values from ScanSetting
    – Fixed POWER key not working problem on Function(BLUE) mode
    – Fixed scanner related bugs
    – Changed the “Turn on keyboard backlight” option to “Keyboard backlight”
    – Fixed wakeup problem after changing a battery
    – Fixed a problem where the system was going to suspend mode by opening the battery cover while connecting an external power
    – Fixed the numeric keys sometimes not working on first input after reboot
  • 84.06C1 – 26th February 2016
    – Fixed a problem with VPN connections
    – Fixed a problem with mobile internet connection over PPP
    – Fixed a problem with wakup from suspend after AC was disconnected
    – Fixed a problem with scanner beep, decode count and continuous scanning
  • 84.06 – 26th January 2016
    – Changed phone module not to go into suspend mode
    – Changed to allow the display timeout during charging
    – Removed KeyboardEvent type from the scanner result type
    – Added ‘Convert to EAN-13’ for EAN-8 symbology setting in ScanSetting
    – Increased the serial port control thread priority for N4313 1D scanner
    – Added ‘Volume’, ‘Tansmit AIM ID’ and ‘Group Seperator’ options in ScanSetting
    – Fixed UPC-A code show as EAN-13 problem
    – Changed decode result transfer mechanism to support binary/byte barcode data
    (SDK v1.10 from this article is required to access binary values)
    – Fixed Camera not working problem after repeatedly using ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE
    – Fixed Gallery app stops problem after changing to the video mode right after taking a capture
  • 84.04 – 1st July 2015
    – Hide data icon when Ethernet is connected
    – Fixed a problem with the scanner after initial camera setup
    – Fixed the bug that shutter is not executed from ‘Enter’ key
    – Fixed an operation error of the notification LED
    – Added the preview-size-values (1024×768,800×600,720×480,640×480,480×360,352×288,320×240)
    – Fixed an issue that not be charge with a USB cable from the SEC
    – Removed “Insert your battery” message
    – Fixed the problem that capture image was dark on ImageDemo
    – Fixed an issue with dial tones on the keypad
    – Modified so as not to overlap the button UI in the Email app
    – Fixed a UI bug in the ProgramButtons app
    – The ProgramButtons has been changed so as to be able to remap F1-F10 keys
    – Fixed a bug with USB host connection
  • 84.03 – 21st April 2015
    – Fixed disabling scanning during the execution of the camera
    – Fixed scan key issue in the Chrome-based browsers
    – Fixed and issue with the charge LED during power off state
    – Add the RFID demo app for eTicket Pro II units
    – Remove the function for a snapshot during a video shoot
    – Fixed notification LED coming on when installing battery cover
  • 84.03B1 – March 2015
    – Fixed GPS not working problem (PMSS-50)
    – Implemented ‘Factory Reset’ menu in the bootloader (See KB1603)
    – Changed A-GPS speed unit from knot to m/s
    – Modified the key names in ProgramButtons
    – Fixed ADB serial number not unique problem
  • 84.02
    – Fixed numeric keypad in the web browser
    – Fixed speakerphone issue
    – Fixed noise in the earphone during call
    – Fixed the camera time lapse function
    – Fixed USB charger not recognized problem
    – Removed SettingsBackup from Tools
    – Fixed SCAN key issue in Home screen after closing ImageDemo
    – Fixed several UI issues in ScanSetting and Gallery
    – Added WINDOWS key to program buttons
    – Setting to disable shutter sound on capturing image with 2D scanner
    – Fixed terminator setting lost problem (1D scanner only) after reboot
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