Android 6.0.1 OS for NAUTIZ X2

The OS is for devices running Android 6 only. To update a device from Android 5 to Android 6 you’ll have to send your device to a Handheld Service Center. To do so please Contact Support.

An Android 9 OS will always start with NX2V400R001C01, Android 7 OS will always start with NX2V100R001C03 and an Android 6 OS will start with NX2V100R001C02.

You can find the latest updates under Settings > About device > System updates. You can use the downloads at the bottom of this page to install the latest full OS version instead of incremental updates. To install an OS as a ZIP-file, follow the guide here.

Release notes

  • NX2V100R001C02B038 – June 27th, 2018
    – Added WifiAllowScanWithTraffic setting to Settings > Wi-Fi > more
    – Fixed SD sometimes missing after reboot
    – Fixed issue with waking up the device using the scan key
    – Replaced MobiControl with MobiControlInstaller
  • NX2V100R001C02B036 – April 9th, 2018
    – Updated blacklist
    – Enabled screenshot on power menu by default
    – Allow to change the behavior of the front scan key and the pistol trigger in Sidekey define
    – Added function to wake up the device using the pistol trigger
    – Added SOTI MobiControl as a pre-installed app

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