Windows 7 OS for ALGIZ 10X V3 Release notes

These are the release notes for the Windows 7 OS for Algiz 10X V3 article.
  • 95Z0000002X5 – March 2020
    – Windows live update 2020/02/26.
    – Hottab A40.2.29 update to A40.2.30
    – GPS CDC driver updated (V1.2.0.8)
  • 95Z0000002E6 – September 2018
    – Both include Intel AC3160 and AW-CB161H drivers.
    – HotTab A40.2.21 update to A40.2.29
    – ubloxGnss_sensorDeviceDriver_v2.33 update to V2.40
    – ubloxGnss_vcpDeviceDriver_V3.03 update to V3.10
    – u-center_v8.25 update to v18.05.02
    – Sierra Wireless Mobile Broadband Driver Package V6.34.4728.0002 update to V8.8.4773.0004
    – Skylight: V6.0.4130.7803 update to V6.0.4686.7802
  • 95Z00000025G – January 2018
    – English, Swedish, German and Spanish language pack included in OS image.
    – Windows Updates
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