Linux on Algiz 10XR

Handheld strives to provide its customers with information to assist them in using the Linux operating system on various PC systems. The Algiz 10XR provides hardware compatibility for Linux distributions. Almost all functions are accessible via standard applications or software interfaces within the Linux distribution.

For Linux support for the touch screen install the following driver.

Here are some limitations found while testing Ubuntu 22.04.1 (desktop-amd64):

  • The backup battery works, but its status/capacity is not shown in Ubuntu.
  • Linux driver missing for WWAN module “EM9191”.
  • Hardware keys Lock, Menu, F1, and F2 are not working.
  • The Windows key is working as a recent app key.
  • The software interface (API) is missing to switch between Touch-modes (Normal, Rain, Glove)
  • Missing software applications to use/test barcode scanner and NFC.
  • Note: No tests were done with the vehicle dock (10XR-1002).

If you miss software interfaces (APIs), please contact the support team. For example to:

  • Remap hardware keys (Lock, Menu, F1, and F2)
  • Enable/disable WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, WWAN and camera
We provide the following information to assist our customers interested in using Linux operating system. We hope these materials are helpful to you. However, please understand that we cannot guarantee the quality, function, performance, or compatibility with this operating system. We are also not obliged to provide maintenance or updates for the articles. We provide the drivers and any related information or service without any warranties of any kind.
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