Android OS for NAUTIZ X8 Release notes

These are the release notes for the Android OS for Nautiz X8 article.
  • 88.07 – 2nd of July 2017
    – Fixed “Setting KCM file fails with error -16”.
    – Removed fingerprint information from System Information for security.
    – Fix that ‘NX8 Doesn’t resume mobile data connection correctly’ to update RIL from V1.5 to V1.7.
    – Removed to print Ducati debug message.
    – Revert Ducati IQ tuning.
  • 88.06C2 – 10th October 2016
    – Fixed issues with data connection on some providers.
    – Fixed numeric keys not sending first input after bootup.
    – Improved camera stability.
    – Added Import contacts from SD card.
    – Added setting to move out of Fn/BlueKey state after a set time (at Tools > Program Buttons > Menu).
  • 88.05 – 2nd February 2016
    – Allow the screen timeout even though AC or USB plugged.
    – Change “phone” of shutdown message to “unit”.
    – Fix that “Hard-Key event triggered twice with long button press”.
    – Set the default “screen timeout” setting the value to 30 sec.
  • 88.04C1 – 21st August 2015
    – Fix to enter to suspend after booting with AC only.
    – Fix the stability of hot-swap battery.
    – Fix error connecting to unpaired Bluetooth device that requires a PIN.
    – Remove reboot code when SGX crashed.
    – Enable the tethering menu on Settings.
  • 88.04 – 10th  July 2015
    – Fix sometimes the camera is not working after booting with the kernel debug message is on.
    – Fix to show previous profile name and image on Quick Settings > Profile after registering a profile and then the profile removed.
    – Always do autofocus when taking a picture.
    – Clear autofocus mark after screen rotation.
    – Fix not to enter the system to the suspend after booting without the battery cover.
    – Improve PFU reading speed from SD card.
  • 88.03 B1 – 15th June 2015
    – CPU Settings V1.0.1.
    – Add to fix a CPU frequency.
    – Fix to stop preview sometimes after autofocusing.
    – Fix u-blox GPS speed is reported to 0 because of u-blox protocol data processing error (not NMEA).
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