Android 8.1 OS for NAUTIZ X6 V1

There are two ways to update the OS. You can either find the latest OTA (Over The Air) updates under Settings > About > Updates in your unit, or you can use the downloads at the bottom of this page to manually install the latest OS version instead of incremental updates. To manually install an OS as a ZIP-file, follow the guide here.

The Global SKU and the EU SKU require a different OS image. The Global SKU will always start with RH while the EU SKU will start in RHE. Make sure you download the correct version below. There is no difference regarding available features between those to versions.

Release notes

  • RH01.53.44.28/RHE01.53.44.12 – September, 2020
    – Updated security patch to June 2020
  • RH01.53.44.24/RHE01.53.44.10 – January, 2020
    – Added option “never sleep” to display timeout
    – Added more options to the “Function keys” setting
    – Add MTU Settings option for ATT
    – Added security patches up to Oct. 2019
    – Fixed issue where Bluetooth pairing was lost after reboot
    – Fixed issue with volume keys getting disabled
    – Update Staging to v1.1.3 and OTA app to v3.9.6
    – Fixed issue where Staging would revert to system version after reboot
    – Fixed issue with dialing 119 emergency number from the lock screen
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