Android 8.1 OS for NAUTIZ X6 V1 Release notes

These are the release notes for the Android 8.1 OS for Nautiz X6 V1 article.
  • RH01.53.44.28/RHE01.53.44.12 – September, 2020
    – Updated security patch to June 2020
  • RH01.53.44.24/RHE01.53.44.10 – January, 2020
    – Added option “never sleep” to display timeout
    – Added more options to the “Function keys” setting
    – Add MTU Settings option for ATT
    – Added security patches up to Oct. 2019
    – Fixed issue where Bluetooth pairing was lost after reboot
    – Fixed issue with volume keys getting disabled
    – Update Staging to v1.1.3 and OTA app to v3.9.6
    – Fixed issue where Staging would revert to system version after reboot
    – Fixed issue with dialing 119 emergency number from the lock screen
  • RH01.53.44.13/RHE01.53.44.03 – August 20th, 2019
    – Update to Android 8.1
    – Added additional F-Key bindings, F4 – F12 can now be selected as new bindings
    – Glove Mode setting persist across a power cycle
    – NFC is enabled by default
    – Removed duplicate OS updates item in settings
    – Security patches through July 2019
    – Fix some system issues
  • RH00.53.44.37/RHE00.53.44.14June 19th, 2019
    – Integrated optimization for Ublox module to solve the GPS issue
    – Update modem version to solve the phone calls and mobile data connection issue
    – Fixed an issue where the camera stopped working
    – Android security patch update to April 5, 2019
    – Added the MaxGo app (v1.0.3)
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