Android 7.0 OS for NAUTIZ X9

You can find the newest updates under Settings > About > Updates. You can use the downloads at the bottom of this page to install the latest OS version instead of incremental updates. To install an OS as a ZIP-file, follow the guide here.

The Global SKU and the NA SKU require a different OS image.
The Global SKU will always end with .06.00 while the NA SKU will end in .06.01. Make sure you download the correct version on the bottom of this page.

Release notes

  • V014.06.00 and V006.06.01 – December 21st, 2018
    – Added MaxGo Staging app
    – Removed factory test mode from the boot menu
    – Fixed support for Mifare Classic NDEF
    – Removed UserDefine icon from the app list
    – Fixed pixel shift issue
    – Fixed issue with USB connection mode
  • V012.06.00 and V004.06.01 – September 14th, 2018
    – Added more options and “No Action” to side key user define
    – Fixed layout of the user-defined settings

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