Android 7.0 OS for NAUTIZ X9 Release notes

These are the release notes for the Android 7.0 OS for Nautiz X9 article.
  • V014.06.00 and V006.06.01 – December 21st, 2018
    – Added MaxGo Staging app
    – Removed factory test mode from the boot menu
    – Fixed support for Mifare Classic NDEF
    – Removed UserDefine icon from the app list
    – Fixed pixel shift issue
    – Fixed issue with USB connection mode
  • V012.06.00 and V004.06.01 – September 14th, 2018
    – Added more options and “No Action” to side key user define
    – Fixed layout of the user-defined settings
  • V011.06.00 and V003.06.01 – August 16th, 2018
    – Added user-defined settings for side keys
    – Changed default USB mode to “transfer data”
    – Fixed launcher issues
    – Added ISO-8859-1 encoding to the scanner
  • V010.06.00 and V002.06.01 – May 18th, 2018
    – Added missing features to the barcode scanner
    – Updated Android security patches to May-2018
    – Added barcode settings entry to the Android settings
    – Added wake with pistol trigger
  • V009.06.00 and V001.06.01 – March 14th, 2018
    – Fixed issue with proximity sensor
    – Added scan settings entry in the settings
  • V008.06.00 – February 22nd, 2018
    – Initial release
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