Nautiz X41

Brochures & Manuals

  • Nautiz X41 Data Sheet

    Download the Nautiz X41 Data Sheet to see all the specifications and features for this unit.

  • Nautiz X41 Quick Start Guide

    Download the Nautiz X41 Quick Start Guide to help you get up and running as fast as possible.

  • Nautiz X41 Manual

    Download the Nautiz X41 Full Manual for more in-depth knowledge of the device.

  • Handheld Product Lineup

    Learn more about the full Handheld Product Line-up in this printer-friendly pdf.


    Download the Nautiz X41 Declaration of Conformity.

  • NAUTIZ X41 Certificate of Compliance (NX41)

    Download the Nautiz X41 Certificate of Compliance.


    Learn more about the Handheld Android software in this printer-friendly pdf.

  • MaxCare Service Plan

    The Handheld MaxCare service plan is a comprehensive package of add-on service options that will help protect your technology investment and offer additional security.

  • MaxCare Terms and Conditions

    The Handheld MaxCare Service Plan is a comprehensive package of add-on service selections available for newly purchased Handheld devices worldwide.

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