Handheld Business Partner Conference 2021 On air

You should have received an email with a event link which you can use to join the event. You can also navigate to the startpage of the HBPC On air 2021 and click Join now. You need to be registered to view the event.

No. The Handheld Business Partner Conference 2021 – On Air is free of charge for all Handheld Partners.

Please check the bottom left-hand corner of the video player. It might be muted depending on your preferences in other video players.

We’ve built the chat for you to be able to post any questions you might have regarding the topics of the event. The questions will be answered by different people depending on the topic.

Yes. We will publish the full event and each segment here on our site for Handheld Partners to view again after the event.

Digital events take place completely online. The event uses a virtual environment which allows attendees to view keynote speaker sessions.

The digital event are planned by and for the Handheld community! Each speaker and subsequently the agenda are chosen and set by Handheld.

Please contact one of Handhelds sales personell for more information about a specific product.

The event will only be available in English.

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