NAUTIZ X7 Ahead of the curve

The Nautiz X7® exemplifies the evolution of handheld computers. Packed with innovative advancements in PDA technology, it surpasses everything else on the market with its mix of power, functionality and ruggedness. The Nautiz X7 can do everything you need to do - and some things you may not have even known you could do. 

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3970 Instructions for OS update 2/21/2019
3411 OS for nand mainboard 2/21/2019
3329 Manual and QSG (quick start guide) 2/20/2019
3263 OS 027 old mainboard 2/21/2019
3251 How to determine mainboard version 2/21/2019
2857 Enable serial port 2/20/2019
2778 Serial Port RS232 2/21/2019
2616 SDK 2/20/2019
2552 GPS 2/20/2019
2503 Comport 2/21/2019
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NAUTIZ X7 Quick Start Guide 1988 kb 7/30/2014
NAUTIZ X7 NAUTIZ X7 Manual (version 1) 7308 kb 7/30/2014
NAUTIZ X7 NAUTIZ-X7_Data-Sheet 90 kb 7/30/2014