Handheld CEO World Tour 2018 Follow Jerker's tour on this page

This Spring, Handheld CEO Jerker Hellstrom will go on a world tour visiting several resellers and customers within loads of market verticals.

Together with Handheld’s representatives from the US, he will spend time in Orlando, Seattle, Chicago, San Diego and L.A. After that, Jerker will pay a visit to Auckland, NZ before heading over to Melbourne Australia. He will then end his tour by visiting Hyderabad, India, and Dubai, UAE, before heading home to the Handheld HQ. in Sweden.

To keep track of the whole world tour and see what happens along the way, make sure to follow the journey here on the website. And, as usual, we will also post frequent updates on our social media channels which you can find below.

Twitter: twitter.com/handheldgroup  (Please use the Hashtag: #HandheldCEOtour2018)
LinkedIn: linkedIn.com/company/handheld/

Agenda, 5 March – 1 April:
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26 March-1 April: Final stops in India and UAE

20-25 March: Meetings in Auckland and Melbourne plus start of the Formula 1 season

17-18 March: Nice timing arriving to Auckland

14-15 March: Last meetings in the US

13 March: Going further north

12 March: Visiting barcoding companies in Chicago

10-11 March: Florida sight-seeing

8-9 March: Action-filled days with Universal

8 March: Meeting with Geo Networking

5 March: Let's Go (Landvetter-London- JFK- Orlando)