MaxGo Android Apps For quick custom setups across your Handheld Android devices

Designed to make Handheld’s growing lineup of ultra-rugged Android devices even easier to use, MaxGo apps get you up and running fast, letting you apply customized mobile device staging and security configurations quickly, even across large-scale deployments. The growing suite of MaxGo software apps for Android is designed to facilitate quick custom setups for a curated, secure experience across all your Handheld Android devices. 


Don’t waste another minute configuring multiple devices with the same settings. The MaxGo Staging app lets customers define mobile device staging configurations on a web platform, then quickly deploy their settings and applications to any number of Handheld rugged Android units via a project file, barcode or RFID card. Choose from more than 20 commands, including user settings, network connections, app installations, file downloads, wallpaper and other customizations.


Users who want to limit device use to specific applications can use MaxGo Kiosk custom settings to ensure devices are only used for their designated purpose. Restrict system access, block or allow individual apps, and change and remove settings in order to save time, stay productive and eliminate misuse.


Some data collection applications only require an HTML5-based browser — no other apps, and no extra settings. Keep device use focused, safe and relevant with MaxGo KioskBrowser, a customizable Chrome-based browser solution with Kiosk Mode that restricts device use to authorized websites and functions. Need to access built-in data capture tools? No problem: KioskBrowser allows scanning and use of other device features via JavaScript integration.


The entire MaxGo suite of apps is free of charge for all Handheld Android rugged computers. 

Read more about the apps here, or contact us to learn more about what MaxGo can do for your organization.