Handheld introduces MaxGo Manager, a Smart MDM Solution for Improved Efficiency

Press Release
10 December 2019

[Lidköping, Sweden, December 10, 2019.] Handheld Group, a leading supplier of rugged mobile computers, today announced the release of MaxGo Manager, a free Mobile Device Management (MDM) software solution for Handheld Android devices. The MaxGo software suite is designed to facilitate easy staging and security configurations for Handheld’s Android customers.

MaxGo Manager allows Handheld Android users to, through remote access, easily configure, manage and support all of their devices in one location. Within the software, users can customize configurations including installing and removing apps on their field-devices, updating operating systems, changing system and client settings, and running staging scripts.

“With the introduction of MaxGo Manager, our Android users have a way to configure groups of devices and assign unique group managers according to their exact needs and preferences, all free of charge,” says Johan Hed, Director Product Management. “This extra layer of customization and security will add value for our growing Android customer base, regardless of deployment size.”

The Manager solution is a multi-user system that allows different managers to be assigned varying permission levels. The MaxGo Manager solution features a parent-child hierarchy: Device managers can apply general settings at a high level, then specify unique configurations within subordinate groups. Users can also set up new devices automatically, simply by adding them to a desired group.

Additionally, MaxGo Manager makes it easy to troubleshoot devices. It displays data such as battery level, charging level, CPU temperature and signal strength in charts so managers can monitor devices for quick resolution of issues.

The MaxGo suite software solutions for Handheld Android users also includes:

  • MaxGo Staging, a custom configuration platform with more than 20 staging commands.
  • MaxGo Kiosk, which configures system and app access for secure and focused device use.
  • MaxGo KioskBrowser, which provides restricted device and app settings for a customized browser experience.

MaxGo Manager and the entire MaxGo suite of MDM software is available to all Handheld Android rugged computer users at no cost.

To learn more about MaxGo and our current offerings, contact us or visit our MaxGo product homepage.

About Handheld

Handheld Group is a manufacturer and global supplier of rugged mobile computers, including handhelds and tablets. Handheld and its partners worldwide deliver complete mobility solutions to businesses in industries such as geomatics, logistics, forestry, public transportation, utilities, construction, maintenance, mining, military and security. Handheld Group, headquartered in Sweden, has subsidiaries in Finland, the U.K., the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the USA. 

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