Descartes ShipTrack™ Solution Certified for Use with the Handheld Wearable SP500X ScanPrinter

Press release
3 May 2022

[Lidköping, Sweden, May 3, 2022] Handheld Group, a leading manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, today announced that the Descartes ShipTrack™ solution has been certified to use with the Handheld SP500X ScanPrinter.

The Handheld SP500X ScanPrinter is an innovative wearable solution for package sorting and printing. The compact and wearable SP500X ScanPrinter eliminates the need for printed labels and is the only device to combine 2D imaging, inkjet printing and wireless communication in one device.

Descartes ShipTrack is designed for high volume inbound sorting to automate the sorting process, dramatically increase speed, and prevent errors. The solution keeps a record of all expected inbound items and the related destination route ID and stop sequence number. A hand-mounted SP500X scans an inbound package and transmits the information to Descartes ShipTrack which recognizes the package and identifies where it should go. That information comes back instantly to the SP500X, and the device then prints directly on the package without the need for labels.

“The Descartes ShipTrack solution is a perfect companion to the unique and wearable SP500X ScanPrinter,” says Jim Rimay, President and CEO of Handheld US. “The entire process takes less than two seconds per package: scan, send, receive, print. Package sorting just got a whole lot more efficient.”

”The growth of ecommerce and last-mile delivery and the labor challenges operators are facing makes the combination of the Handheld SP500X and Descartes ShipTrack more relevant than ever,” said Shawn Winter, Vice President, Mobility Solutions at Descartes. “Now that we have eliminated the need for paper labels, our customers can be more efficient and effective in their package sorting facilities.”

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