Acel Genesys and Handheld strengthen their commercial partnership

Press Release
12 February 2019

[Paris, France, February 12, 2019.] Acel Genesys, the French specialist in the integration of ATEX solutions (Atmosphère Explosible), is expanding its range of rugged mobile terminals by becoming an authorized distributor in France of the Swedish company Handheld, a global supplier of ultra-rugged tablets and smartphones. 

A service center offering equipment verification, commissioning, tailor-made integration of business applications and after-sales repairs is now available to customers at the Queue-lez-Yvelines, guaranteeing end-to-end service in French and a significant reduction in processing times.

“Our customers are keen to integrate specific solutions, meeting multiple business constraints, in demanding, often dangerous or brand-new environments,” says Dominique Dufrasnes, Acel Genesys’ new CEO since September 2018. “We are delighted to be able to count on the innovation skills and the professionalism of our partner Handheld to make our service center a technical pole that can respond, with the right level of expertise, to new demands of our industrial and military customers. The deployment of 4G private networks is an excellent example. ”

The gradual availability of new frequency bands is quickly taken into account by terminal manufacturers. “We are working to monitor the evolution of frequency bands in Europe in order to offer a range of rugged, waterproof and fully operational equipment for intervention teams specializing in civil or military security. The products launched this year by Handheld, such as the NAUTIZ X6 phablet – which is a hybrid between a smartphone and a tablet, run on Android and fit precisely within this framework” says Carsten Billeschou, Handheld Sales Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa. “The service center at Acel Genesys in the Yvelines is ideal for promoting this kind of experimentation with our French customers.”

Acel Genesys designs, integrates and develops since 1995, in collaboration with partners selected for their business expertise, embedded solutions on industrial, logistic and military platforms, operating in very varied environments, highly demanding on the environmental level: rugged mobility equipment (PDA, smartphones, tablets), transportable printing solutions on site, ATEX solutions zones 1 and 2.
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Handheld Group is a manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, tablets and other portable devices. Handheld and its partners worldwide offer comprehensive mobility solutions in areas as diverse as logistics, geomatics, forestry, public transport, utilities, construction, maintenance, mining, military and security companies.
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Media Contacts

Dominique Dufrasnes
Directeur Général, Acel Genesys, France
+33 1 34 86 88 80

Sofia Löfblad
Marketing Director, Handheld Group
+46 510 54 71 70

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