Update OS on NAUTIZ X5

Follow the steps below to update the OS on your Nautiz X5.

Make sure that you have the correct OS version for your Nautiz X5. Check this article on how to find the right version for your device.
  1. Copy the OS files and Program Store folder on a microSD card (max 2 GB).
  2. Insert the microSD card into Nautiz X5.
  3. Connect an AC charger or put the unit into a docking station with power supply.
  4. Start the unit up and follow the instructions below on how to enter the ULDR menu.
    – ULDR menu is reached in two different ways depending on if you have a unit with a numeric or QWERTY keyboard.
    – If you have a unit with numeric keyboard: hold shift while pressing the reset button once.
    – If you have a unit with QWERTY keyboard: hold S while pressing the reset button once.
  5. When you have entered the ULDR menu you can release the shift or S buttons. If asked for a PIN code enter 141163.
  6. Choose option number 5 (download all by SD card) and press the ENTER key.
  7. When the installation is completed you will see the windows screen that asks you to tap the screen to calibrate your device. Do NOT do this, instead, you need to enter the ULDR menu again and a second time choose option 5 (download all by SD card). This is needed to install the ProgramStore files (if you don’t do the update twice you will only see an empty ProgramStore and no modules will work such as the camera, scanner, etc).
  8. When the 2nd update is completed you can continue to calibrate the screen and follow the instructions.
  9. When you are done the unit is ready to use.
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