Update Android OS on NAUTIZ X1


  • Micro-SD or Mirco-SDHC card
  • Micro-USB cable / charger


Follow the steps below to update the OS on your Nautiz X1.

  1. Place update.zip on external sd-card (microSD).
  2. Connect the unit to the charger.
  3. Run the Nautiz X1 app.
    nautiz x1 update icon
  4. Select OS Update.
    android screenshot
  5. Click Install local update and select the zip from step 1.
    android screenshot android screenshot
  6. Confirm to update.
    android screenshot
  7. Wait for the device to reboot and the installation to finish. You’ll now see the system recovery screen after everything is done.
    nautiz x1 update
  8. Use Volume Up or Down to select to reboot system now and press the power button to restart the device.
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