Troubleshooting the SP500X

Issue Reference Troubleshooting path
Streaky or no prints (a) Press the center/back button to engage the wiper


(b) Try scanning and printing a few times (warms up ink cartridge)


(c) Clean door and cartridge keeping door closed
i. Use a g-tip or wipe while the door wiper is closed

ii. Press the back button (while covering the scanner with a finger) and use a g-tip or wipe to clean in window and cartridge


(d) Replace the ink cartridge.

Not scanning/scanner off   (a) Press the back/center button to turn the scanner back on 


(b) Ensure that you are logged in.

Pen (ink) error (see display) (a) Remove/reinsert the ink cartridge; close door tightly


(b) Replace the ink cartridge.

Door open error (see display) (a) Open and close/latch door


(b) Power cycle unit (remove battery and wait for power down, then reinsert the battery)


(c) Replace the door.

Finger strap or wrist strap breaks/comes off   Snap existing or new straps into place.

Change battery displayed (~4.5 hrs) You have ~1 minute to change the battery and maintain login

  • Press in latches to release the battery (it may be helpful to slightly tip backward to eject the battery) 
  • Reinsert the battery
  • Ensure that the latches are engaged.


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