RFID Specification for NAUTIZ X4 eTicket Pro II

RF Frequency: 13.56 MHz
RF Standards: ISO/IEC 14443 A/B, ISO/IEC 18092 (NFC)
RF Speed: 106 kBit/s, 212 kBit/s, 424 kBit/s
RF Reading Distance: Up to 50mm (depending on tag)
RF Antenna: Integrated
RF Amplifier: Yes
SAM Security: 2 x SAM ISO/IEC 7816 slots with up to 1.1 Mbit/s
Crypto Algorithms: 3DES, AES, RSA, PKI
Hash Algorithms: SHA1, SHA2, MD5
Processor: ARM 72 MHz
Firmware Upgrade: Yes, field upgradeable
Host Communication: 3.3V TTL with up to 115 kbit/s
Host Connector: FPC
Dimensions: 66mm x 70mm
Weight: Approx. 10g
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Power Supply: 3.3 V
Current Consumption: 190mA (operational), 65mA (standby), max 2mA (sleep)
Compliances: RoHS, FCC, WEEE, CE for bus, tram and rail

Supported Tag-ICs: MIFARE 1k, MIFARE 4k, MIFARE Plus, MIFARE UltraLight, MIFARE UltraLight C, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE DESFire EV1, MIFARE SmartMX, ISO 14443A tags, ISO14443B tags, FeliCa RC-S860, FeliCa RC-S885, FeliCa RC-S965, Calypso, VDV

Supported SAMs: MIFARE SAM (DESFire), MIFARE SAM AV1, MIFARE SAM AV2, S9TSAM, NSAM, Calypso SAM, FeliCa SAM and other ISO/IEC 7816 compliant SAMs

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