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Download the files, place the .exe and .dll file on the Nautiz X8, and start the X8-LRBT.exe. After that, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that 57600 is selected in the top dropdown and press Connect.
  2. Wait for the loading indicator to go away.
  3. Press the Read button. This should will the Name and Profile fields.
  4. Change the name (if you want) and set both the Server Profile and Client Profile to SPP.
  5. Press the Write button to save these changes.
  6. Press the Reboot button to restart the LRBT in order to apply the changes.
  7. Press Connect again when the reboot is done.
  8. Change the Baudrate dropdown to the value your external Bluetooth device requires for communication and press Change.
  9. Wait for the loading indicator to go away.
  10. Go to the Devices Tab.
  11. Press Scan and wait for the scan to finish (the scan button will be enabled again).
  12. Select your device and click Bond.
  13. Follow the instructions on the screen that might require a PIN input.
  14. There should now be a + symbol next to your device.
  15. Go back to the Settings Tab.
  16. Press Disconnect.
  17. Exit the application using the OK button.

Connect to an already paired device

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After that, you are ready to connect. The steps above are only required once. The steps below are required every time before you can communicate with the BT device.

  1. Open the X8-LRBT.exe.
  2. Make sure that the top dropdown is set to the baud rate you previously set and press Connect.
  3. Go to the Devices Tab.
  4. Press Scan and wait for the scan to finish (the scan button will be enabled again).
  5. Select your device and press Connect.
  6. You should see a message confirming the connection.
  7. Exit the application using the OK button.
  8. Connect the COM3 in your software using the baud rate you selected before.
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