NAUTIZ X6 V2 Back docking connector

Pogo pin hardware define

Pins 6, 7, 13, 14 are turned OFF by default. These can be turned on via SDK.

Pogo pin path define

The path can be obtained from the system properties. Each pin has a special attribute key, and the corresponding path can be obtained by calling the system attribute tool through reflection.

  1. POGO_5V
    System property key: ro.pogo.path.vbus
    Default value (if not define): /sys/class/ext_dev/function/ext_dev_5v_enable
    System property key: ro.pogo.path.vbat
    Default value (if not define): /sys/class/ext_dev/function/ext_dev_3v3_enable
  3. GPIO_1
    System property key: ro.pogo.path.gpio1
    Default value (if not define): /sys/class/ext_dev/function/pin10_en
  4. GPIO_2
    System property key: ro.pogo.path.gpio2
    Default value (if not define): /sys/class/ext_dev/function/pin11_en
  5. IRQ
    System property key: ro.pogo.path.irq
    Default value (if not define): /sys/class/ext_dev/function/irq_state
  6. Serial
    System property key: ro.pogo.path.serial
    Default value (if not define): /dev/ttyHSL1
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