NAUTIZ X3 pinout for 20-pin I/O connector

See details of the Nautiz X3 pinout for 20-pin I/O connector below.

  • Pin1:  GND (Ground)
  • Pin2:  Reserved (Reserved)
  • Pin3:  EAR_MIC+ (Microphone+ for Ear Set)
  • Pin4:  EAR_MIC- (Microphone- for Ear Set)
  • Pin5:  EAR_L (Left Receiver for Ear Set)
  • Pin6:  EAR_R (Right Receiver for Ear Set)
  • Pin7:  Detection (Detect the Ear Set)
  • Pin8:  Remote (The button for Ear Set)
  • Pin9:  5V_Power (Input power (+5V))
  • Pin10: 5V_Power (Input power (+5V))
  • Pin11: Debug1 (For Test)
  • Pin12: Debug2 (For Test)
  • Pin13: Debug3 (For Test)
  • Pin14: 3.3V_Power (Output power (+3.3V, Max 100mA))
  • Pin15: RXD (Input data for UART)
  • Pin16: TXD (Output data for UART)
  • Pin17: VBUS (Input(Client) or Output(Host) USB power (+5V))
  • Pin18: USB_D- (USB signal)
  • Pin19: USB_D+ (USB signal)
  • Pin20: GND (Ground)
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