How to use the RS60 Ring Scanner on a non-Handheld device

The RS60 Ring Scanner application can be installed on any of Handheld’s Android devices. But on non-Handheld devices, you can’t install the application. 

The RS60 Ring Scanner is valid with all major operating systems (Android, Windows, iOS) on mobile devices as well as desktops and laptops that have Bluetooth functionality. To pair it with non-Handheld devices, follow the guide below.

Start by scanning the HID Mode barcode in the RS60 Ring Scanner User Manual located on page 53. This will place the device in a keyboard wedge mode allowing the RS60 Ring Scanner to pair via Bluetooth on non-Handheld devices. Once paired, you can scan to any input field. To take the RS60 Ring Scanner out of this mode, scan the SPP Mode barcode located on page 53 of the RS60 Ring Scanner Manual

Another way to use the RS60 Ring Scanner on a non-Handheld device is to utilize the RS60 Ring Scanner SDK for application integration. 

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