How to download and install Windows 10 OS on ALGIZ 10XR


You will need the following to apply the Windows 10 Operating System image:

  • Windows 10 image for Algiz 10XR
  • 16GB USB flash drive
  • USB keyboard
  • AC charger for Algiz 10XR


Prepare the USB flash drive.

  1. Download and install Rufus.
  2. Plug the USB flash drive into your PC and open Rufus.
  3. Choose the USB flash device and click SELECT.
  4. Choose the ISO OS image that you would like to use and click Open.
  5. Doublecheck that the partition scheme is set to GPT and the file system is set to FAT32:
  6. Click Start and wait for the writing process to finish.

Install the OS

  1. Plug the USB flash drive and USB keyboard into your unit.
  2. Plug in the AC adapter to the unit and make sure the unit stays plugged into the power source during the entire process.
  3. Turn on the unit and immediately repeatedly press the F7-key on the USB keyboard until you see the boot menu:
  4. Select the USB flash drive using up- and down-key on the USB keyboard. Press the ENTER key:
    In this example the name of the USB flash drive is “UEFI: Intenso Rainbow Line 2.00, Partition…”.
  5. Now the unit will boot from the USB flash drive.
  6. Wait till you see the recovery menu. Use the left- and right-key on the USB keyboard to select Recovery. Press the ENTER key:
  7. Confirm upcoming warning by pressing the ENTER key:
  8. Wait until the installation is done:
  9. Press any key on the USB keyboard and the unit will shut down.
  10. Take out the USB flash drive and turn on the unit.
  11. Done.

Release notes

  • – October 2023
    – Update to 21H2 LTSC build update 19044.3208
    – Updated driver for vehicle dock
    – Replaced quick menu with MaxGoWindows
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