Extended Cap IO/HW manual for NAUTIZ X81

Here’s how the Nautiz X81 looks with the extended cap.

And here’s how it looks without the cap.

Interface description

  • Connector 
    20 pin Dual row receptacle (2.0mm Pitch) Connector
  • Part Number 
  • Pin Number 1  
    pinout close up
  • Pin Description
  • Recommended Mate Connector 
    2.0 mm Pitch Male Header Connector

Electrical characteristics

  • UART Signals
    Related Signals: B_RX, B_TX, B_CTS, B_RTS
    Signal levels are 3.3V levels
  • Reset Signal
    Related Signal: EXP_RST#
    This is an active low Open drain output signal which is pulled up to 3.3V by 100K ohm resistor. It can be controlled by software.
  • 3.3V
    Voltage: 3.3V +/-5%
    Max Current: 2.5A (Continuous)
  • 5V
    Voltage: 5.0V +/-5%
    Max Current: 1.0A (Continuous)
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