Converting a UPC-E barcode to UPC-A barcode

UPC (Universal Product Code) is a numeric symbology used in retail applications. UPC has two variations, an 11 digit UPC Type A barcode and 6 digit UPC Type E barcode. A check digit is automatically calculated by the barcode generation software in both UPC variations for a total of 12 digits on a UPC-A barcode and 8 digits on a UPC-E barcode. There are scenarios where it is necessary to receive a UPC-A barcode.

How to convert a UPC-E barcode

The UPC-E bar code can be converted to a UPC-A bar code by scanning the configuration bar code available for download at the bottom of this page. The document also contains a scan code to revert back to UPC-E.

  1. Download the .ZIP file below.
  2. Extract the page from the archive.
  3. Print then scan using the NX9 scanner.
The conversion adds a leading zero to UPC-A decoded data format before transmission. After conversion, the data follows UPC-A format and is affected by UPC-A programming selections (e.g., Preamble, Check Digit)
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