BIOS for ALGIZ 8X Release notes

These are the release notes for the BIOS for Algiz 8X article.
  • 811
    – Fix OSD key that does not work.
    – Added support for M72 Panel
  • 604
    – Based on V504 to change panel initial for Onation
  • 504
    – Fix PS/2 driver sometimes crash
    – Fix charging will stop randomly.
    – Fix one key recovery function
    – Fix function key F1 sends the wrong event at post during boot.
    – Modify battery thermal protection based on lab request.
  • V109
    – Improved charging algorithm.
  • V109 APO
    – Improved charging algorithm.
  • V108
    – Charge acceptance delay (5 seconds).
    – Optimized power management and battery care features.
  • V108 APO
    – Vehicle ignition delay (5 seconds).
    – Optimized power management and battery care features.
  • V105
    – Boot order optimization.
  • V105 APO
    – Boot order optimization.
  • V104
    – Added hardware compatibility for the new mainboard version.
  • V025 APO
    – Fixed issue “Not turning on automatically after shutdown with long-pressing the power button.
  • V024
    – Enhance power sequence regarding black-screen.
  • V023
    – Fixed vulnerability regarding Meltdown, including Spectre Microcode update:408-> 410.
  • V022
    – Changed battery monitor to avoid issues with the backup battery.
  • V021
    – Supports PXE Boot.
  • V020
    – Change post time to 6 seconds to prevent units from booting into UEFI instead of the OS.
  • V019
    – Enhance the BIOS setting.
  • V018
    – Enhance power management to prevent “Windows cannot resume”.
  • V017
    – Enhance support for the extended battery.
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