Android Kiosk Browser


  1. Download latest APK here
  2. Copy APK to the unit and open it using the Filemanager in the Tools app
  3. Open the Kiosk Settings and enter the PIN (default is 2580)
  4. Change the default homepage and pin and exit using the back button


Q: How do I exit the app after installing it?
A: When you open the app after the installation (without ever changing the settings) you can show the navigation bar by pressing F1, F2, F3, F2. Press the Home button to exit. (This can be changed in the Kiosk Settings).

Q: Why are the scan or volume buttons not working when using the app?
A: All hardware buttons are blocked by default. You can change that by going to the Kiosk Settings and enabling the keys at Hardware Keys > System keys.

Release notes

  • Version 2.2.0
    – Fixed audio routing (force speaker) issue when a headset is plugged in while the app is running
    – Fixed issue where the scan sounds would stop randomly
    – Improved demo page for non-printable data in barcodes
    – Fixed config-intent issue
    – Added setting to allow ESC in NX9 barcodes
    – Fixed issue with scanner callback if the barcodes contain certain characters
    – Added permission request for user-media permissions
    – Fixed issue with headset trigger on NX2 and added setting to restore old behavior
  • Version 2.1.6
    – Changed icon and colors
    – Fixed issue where the headset trigger would start the scan repeatedly while being pressed
    – Fixed issue where the page wouldn’t reload when a connection was available
    – Fixed issue where media couldn’t autoplay
    – Fixed config-intent permission

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