Android 9 OS for NAUTIZ X41

There are two ways to update the OS. You can either find the latest OTA (Over The Air) updates under Settings > System >  Sytem Updates in your unit, or you can use the downloads at the bottom of this page to manually install the latest OS version instead of incremental updates. To manually install an OS as a ZIP-file, follow the guide here.

The Global SKU and the EU SKU require a different OS image. The Global SKU will have GL in the OS name while the EU SKU will have EEA in the OS name. Make sure you download the correct version below. There is no difference regarding available features between those to versions.

Release notes

  • NX41V200R001C01_GL_12/NX41V200R001C01_EEA_12 – June 2021
    – Google security patches (March)
    – Bug fixes
    — Fixed “dot button produces a star”.
    — Bluetooth icon does not show after enabling.
    — Error prompt after enabling camera repeatedly.
    — Screen not responding after several lock/unlock
    — Keycode of “1-Aa key” becomes “187” during use
    – WiFi performance optimizations
    – Optimize charging behavior
    – Barcode scanning optimizations
    — Passport MRZ code supported
    — AIM ID prefix supported
    – NFC firmware update
    – Added “RunApplication” function to user define settings
    – F1/F2 key values = VOLUME_DOWN/VOLUME_UP
    – “getDeviceId()” return value modified
    – General driver support added
  • NX41V200R001C01_GL_05/NX41V200R001C01_EEA_06 – July 2020
    – Fixed several issues with 2D scanner
    – Improved charging speed
    – Added GMS patch P2
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