Android 11 OS for NAUTIZ X41

This OS is only for NX41 devices already running Android 11.
This version can now be installed on both GL and EEA units. Starting with this update, there will only be a GL build for any device.

To install this manually follow the guide here.

Release notes

  • GL013_NX41_AER_26 – March 2023
    – Add security patch 23-02-05
  • GL013_NX41_AER_24 – January 2023
    – Fixed several issues with 1D scanner
    – Fixed issues with extra keyevents on scan trigger
    – Updated security patch to Nov 2022
    – Improved LR-Scanner switching logic
    – Implemented several security fixes
  • GL013_NX41_AER_20 – September 2022
    – Added AER support
    – New Advanced settings
    – New SidekeyManager to configure function keys
    – New setting to disable key events on scan trigger
    – Update security patches for June 2022
    – Add AIM-/Symbol ID scanner settings
    – Multiple scanner fixes
    – Allow scan trigger to wake device
  • GL007_NX41_15 and EEA007_NX41_04 – March 2022
    – Android 11
    – Latest security patches
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