logistics efficiency

An evolutionary leap in package handling

The SP500X ScanPrinter uses advanced technology to create simple efficiency

Truly mobile

Print-and-Scan device

We are revolutionizing order fulfillment, package sortation, warehouse management systems, cross-docking and other distribution systems.

Identifies, directs and marks packages

Move anywhere

The new Handheld SP500X ScanPrinter represents an evolutionary leap in package handling. Developed by Handheld in a partnership with the world’s largest package shipping and logistics companies, the unique SP500X is the only product in its category: an all-in-one, truly mobile scan-and-print device. One worker, using a hands-free device and moving anywhere within your facility, can identify, direct and mark packages in as little as 2 seconds each.

How it works

The SP500X uses advanced technology to create simple efficiency


A worker with a hand-mounted SP500X scans the package barcode. The SP500X sends info on what it is to your back-end system.


The back-end system recognizes the package and knows where it should go. It communicates that info instantly back to the SP500X.


The worker uses the SP500X to print instructions directly on the package, and it’s ready to go.

Developed by experts

Creating a game changer

To bring you the SP500X ScanPrinter, we worked hand-in-hand with the leading package delivery service. It was a perfect pairing: we’re experts at manufacturing rugged devices; they’re experts at moving high volumes of goods. We developed a process and product prototype, and then together we field-tested it extensively and refined it – to create the SP500X.

Cost efficiency
Reduces labor, operating and capital costs

Operational effectiveness
Improves accuracy and reduces processing and cycle times

Flexibility and agility
Frees workers to execute tasks at various places

Productivity and safety
Gives workers uninterrupted freedom to use both hands

Its light weight, low profile and durable design make it comfortable to use

User benefits

Making an impact in multiple ways

The SP500X isn’t portable; it’s wearable, making it truly mobile. It provides the ability to scan and print wherever you need to work, without a label printer or a fixed location. It leaves workers’ hands free. It can handle high volumes and varying package sizes. It makes a major impact in multiple ways.

The SP500X isn’t portable

It’s wearable


Revolutionizing logistics efficiency

SP500X ScanPrinter

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