Handheld Business Partner Conference 2019 AN OVERVIEW of HBPC2019

The 10th Handheld Business Partner Conference (HBPC) was back again in Stockholm on 8-10 May 2019. Handheld business partners representing thirty-three countries shared their knowledge, learned about new Handheld product developments, listened to world-class innovators in rugged mobile computing and had a great time with the Handheld team and worldwide colleagues.


HBPC attendees networked and talked with the Showcase Partners and exploring their solutions in the mini-exhibition during the welcome reception and throughout the conference. Between speakers and during coffee and lunch breaks, partners and Handheld staff mingled in the Partner Showcase area where our many of our partners displayed solutions which include the Handheld’s rugged mobile computers. Showcase partners included MOWO, GigaTrak, Sacci, Havis, Kalipso Studio (SYSDEV) Brodit, SOTI, 3FDM and Sensinite. Learn more about the Showcase Partner companies here.


Jerker Hellström, CEO of Handheld Group, kicked off the formal conference program with some photos of his Handheld Partner World Tour in 2018. He mentioned that he’ll be doing the same in 2019, and invited Handheld partners to contact him if you’d like to have him visit or call on any key customers with you.

Amy Urban, director of marketing for Handheld US, and our conference host, welcomed all attendees.

In addition to Handheld speakers, our lineup included external topics and speakers.

  • VDC Research: David Krebs, Executive Vice President for Enterprise Mobility and AIDC, VDC Research
    VDC Research has been a part of the HBPC from the beginning. This year, David Krebs spoke on current market rugged mobile computing trends and forecasts. A research-based overview is always a great way to set the stage for the rest of our speakers.
  • Emiliano Bolzoni, Android Enterprise Trainer, EMEA, Google
    This year, we learned more about Google and the Android Enterprise solution ecosystem and how it can help companies with their mission-critical challenges in mobility operations.
  • Scott Loverich, Systems Engineering Manager, UPS
    UPS has been one of Handheld’s most successful and long-standing development partners. Scott Loverich, along with Handheld Director of Development Myra Long, explained some of the mission-critical components of UPS’ systems and how Handheld has played a role in developing devices they need.
  • Customer Success Stories
    This year for the first time, we invited a sample group of Handheld partners to join us on stage to give more details of recent successful deployments.
    • Paul Pleming, Gamma Solutions, Australia
    • Jens Noack, Amberg Technologies, Swizerland
    • James Annan-Aggrey, AccuGeospatial, Ghana
    • Carlos Sacanell Requero, AGILLOX/Radioforce, Germany
  • Thomas Erikson, author of Surrounded by Idiots
    The final speaker of the day brought useful insight into how to properly understand and communicate with different types of people. It was a fun and smart way of letting us know that you may not be surrounded by idiots after all. If you talk to someone who attended the conference, be sure to ask them whether there personality are mostly a blue, red, green or yellow!

During the conference, attendees also learned some exclusive details about upcoming Handheld devices. Product presentations and product updates were given by Johan Hed, director of product management, Stefan Gruber, MaxGo lead developer, Sofia Löfblad, director of marketing, and Daniel Gren, e-Marketing Manager.

Thomas Löfblad, VP of worldwide sales, closed the day with comments on the importance of Handheld’s relationships with business partners. At Handheld, business partners are exactly that, partners

The evening event included a boat ride from central Stockholm to an island in the archipelago. There, partners and Handheld employees enjoyed a terrific meal at Fjäderholmarnas Krog. Ellinor Asp was back again to entertain the guests. This was Elinor’s third time joining us. Previous conference guests have enjoyed her music so much that we were happy to bring her back again.

JOIN US IN 2021!

We hope you’ll join us for the next Handheld Business Partner Conference which will be held Stockholm again in 2021! 




"Excellent event organized by a company made by and made for people. Handheld and a team of skilled people that make the difference by an open, transparent attitude and approachable management teams. I like it." - Luc Spiessens, Alcom electronics

"The conference was the best that I have attended throughout the years! The Handheld staff was extremely helpful and ensured that no one was left out!" - Bob Hagerman, GigaTrak

I've been to several similar events and Handheld had the most diverse and well-represented partners of any event I've been too. It really speaks to the commitment of your partners and the confidence they have in your company."

"Very warm and welcoming event. HBPC did not feel like big corporate event, and it was good." - Teemu Saramäki, Observis