The Handheld Business Partner Conference (HBPC) is an event held exclusively for Handheld’s worldwide business partners. It’s where we come together to network, drive progress and identify new opportunities for profitability. 

This year the partner conference will be held at the Quality Hotel Friends in Stockholm, Sweden. The event starts with a networking welcome happy hour on the evening of May 17th. On Thursday May 18th we will run a jam-packed conference day finishing off with a nice dinner event.

We’re focused on showing you the latest technology advancements and preparing you for key trends in rugged hardware and mobile computing.

Join us for a glimpse of the future: it’s rugged. 


The HBPC is open to any member Handheld Business Partner network. Attendees come from more than 30 countries and represent many of the most successful Handheld Business Partners worldwide.

Handheld resellers are hardware vendors, system integrators and software providers. They come from broad spectrum of industry verticals, like geotech, military, transportation, field service, logistics and public safety industries. The roles/job titles represented are mostly at senior management level.

At the HBPC, you’ll network with mobile computing leaders and visionaries, coming together to generate plans for expanded growth and increased market share. 

The Event topics and speakers

Our external speakers will give you the latest industry trends of the rugged handheld market and you will learn more about what works in sales, marketing and deployment of rugged computer solutions.

Handheld speakers will provide you with the most recent news from Handheld, including the latest products and updates plus the Handheld roadmap moving forward.

Attendees will find that they gain valuable information about market directions that can inform their planning. 

This year, we’ve again brought together a world-class assortment of industry leaders to offer insight in moving your business forward. 

Still not convinced? See what previous attendees had to say:

"The HBPC was exceptionally well-organised event with welcoming and easy atmosphere. We participated the conference first and it gave us a lot of connections and information in order to create fruitful business partnership in Handheld community."

"An efficient day packed with useful information. A mixture of exciting new technical stuff, serious business and just the right amount of fun"

"Nice and professional event - very well organized - warm welcome - in a good location - good mix between update on products, new products, other stuff... - good mix between work and pleasure - so only positive comment from my side."

"One of the best partner conferences I have experienced." 

Nothing beats face-to-face interactions

There’s no replacement for face-to-face interactions. Propel your business growth by networking with innovative partners, Handheld team members and mobility experts from across the globe.

Mobile Technology has never been so dynamic. Product discussions, product roadmaps, and state-of-the-industry reports help you plan for the future and provide the best solutions for your customers.

But the HBPC is not all business. Enjoy Swedish cuisine, bright Stockholm evenings, entertainment, and conversations with your fellow attendees. 

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