NX4: WEH->Android

Support Article No. 7053
Latest updated: 11/13/2014

NOTE: This feature is only possible on units starting with S/N 1428300001 and above.

NOTE: This feature is only availabe on units purchased with Windows Embedded Handheld.

NOTE: Make sure that you are running the latest version of Windows before converting your unit to Android. You can find the latest version HERE.

See KB9981 for latest Android OS.
See KB5795 on how to create a bootable SD card.

Download the latest Android OS files and also the tools on the bottom of this page before starting the update procedure.

  1. Prepare update
    Copy the images files to the SD Card.

    • 84_XX_XXX.PFU
    • MLO
    • recovery
    • u-boot.bin
    • Update2Android.exe 
    Prepare update

    When the above is done, place the SD card in the terminal and start it up.

  2. Launcher Update 
    • Launch “File Explorer” and navigate over to the “Storage Card” folder. 
    Launcher update 

    • Tap the “Update2Android” file 

    • Press and hold “Power button + Volume up” for about 8 seconds. Make sure no other buttons are pressed at the same time. When you feel the unit vibrate, let go of the buttons.
  3. Update Complete
    The unit will update and reboot automatically. This is the home screen you should be seeing when the update is complete. 
    Update complete