How to perform a factory reset on your Algiz 10x V1 Device

Support Article No. 5842
Latest updated: 10/22/2014


You would like to perform a factory reset on your Algiz 10x V1 device.


  • Algiz 10X V1 units need to have BIOS version 206 or higher.
    See kb3813 for latest Algiz 10X V1 BIOS


Remember to backup all your data before executing the factory reset as it will wipe all files and settings. 


  1. Connect your ac adapter or put the unit in a docking station to supply power during the recovery process.
  2. Start the unit.
  3. When the Handheld logo is showing on the screen, click "F1" on the keypad to initialize the factory reset option. 
  4. When the "Windows Boot Manager" appears, click "OK" on the keypad. Windows will start loading files. 
  5. When it is done loading you will be asked to do a 4 point calibration.
  6. Recovery Wizard will show itself. Click the "Recovery" option. You will be getting a pop up telling you that this is going to wipe all data on the unit. Click "OK" to continue. 
  7. When the recovery process is done the tablet will restart itself and you will be asked to go through the windows setup.