Extended CAP IO/HW manual

Support Article No. 5810
Latest updated: 10/17/2014

With cap
With Cap

Without cap
Without Cap 

Interface description

  1. Connector 
    20 Pin Dual Row receptacle (2.0mm Pitch) Connector
  2. Part Number 
    BF075-20-A-0830-N-A (GCT)
  3. Pin Number 1  
    Top view connector
    Top View Connector
  4. Pin Description 
  5. Recommended Mate Connector 
    2.0 mm Pitch Male Header Connector 
    Part Number: BF030-20A-B0-0800-0277-0600-L-B (GCT)

Electrical Characteristics 

  1. UART Signals
    Signal levels are LVCMOS (3.3V) levels, not RS232-C levels. 
    Table 1
  2. Reset Signal
    Related signal: nReset
    This is an active low open drain output signal, which is pulled up to 3.3V by 100K ohm resistor.
    It can be controlled by software. 
    reset signal
    nReset output drive
  3. USB Host Signals
    Related signals: USB_D-, USB_D+
    Recommended speed: USB full speed interface (12Mbps)
  4. 3.3VVoltage: 3.3V +-5%
    Max current: 3A (Continuous)
    Other specifications: TBD
  5. 5VVoltage: 5.0V +-5%
    Max current: 1.5A (Peak), 1.0A (Continuous)
    Other specifications: TBD 

Software Interface

The extension caps serial port (UART) interface can be controlled through software port "COM3:".

Power control:
To control power out of 5 Volt (Pin 3 and Pin 5) use functions "aExp5vSetPower" and "aExp5vGetPower".
To control power out of 3.3 Volt (Pin 7 and Pin 9) use functions "aExp3dot3vSetPower" and "aExp3dot3vGetPower".
To control nRESET (Pin 10) use functions "aExpRSTSet" and "aExpRSTGet".
All functions you'll find in latest Nautiz X8 SDK.